Available Wireless Networks

Look no further for a list of the wireless networks (SSIDs) available on our sites.

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The following wireless networks are broadcast from our wireless access points.

SSID: StayGB Visitors

  • Security: Open
  • Access: Restricted to StayGB.com unless supplied with a time limited pass
  • Bandwidth: Approximately 10 Mbps.

This network is for first visitors to the site who are typically not contract holders. The network allows browsing of StayGB.com, and for some users, internet access limited by both bandwidth and time allowed. This is to reflect the nature of the insecure open connection. This ensures that everyone has access to necessary information published on Staygb.com without having the ability to login.

SSID: StayGB Members

  • Security: Encrypted with WPA2-Enterprise
  • Access: Restricted to Members only
  • Bandwidth: Approximately 25 Mbps symmetric.

Due to the secure nature of this network your device will need to be configured. See the Enterprise Wi-Fi Setup Instructions.

SSID: StayGB Guests

  • Security: Encrypted with WPA2/3 with passphrase specific to each holiday party.
  • Access: Restricted to holiday guests only.
  • Bandwidth: Typically 50 Mbps symmetric although over 500 Mbps per device is available by specific request.

SSID: StayGB Partners

  • Security: Encrypted WPA2/3
  • Access: Restricted to partners only
  • Bandwidth: Individually allocated on a per device basis.

Note regarding Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Whilst we can all agree that VPNs have their place in increasing our level of security over open networks (e.g. Open SSIDs) they are unnecessary over secure, encrypted networks such as our Members and Guest networks. You should also note that using VPNs on our networks may drastically affect your available bandwidth and perceived speed. As all good enterprise networks, we operate Quality of Service rules on all switchgear and routers. These network devices inspect the type of traffic flowing through the network and prioritise traffic which needs to arrive at its destination on time (such as internet calling, video conferencing, facetime or video streaming) over other less important traffic such as software downloads. By using a VPN and encapsulating your traffic, our devices are unable to determine an Anti-Virus update from the phone call you are on. Therefore, to ensure that other users are not adversely affected by significant VPN usage, all VPN traffic will be treated as if it is a software update, and on many device plans, will be limited to 5 Mbps.

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