Periodic Inspection and Testing


Frequency of periodic inspections

The following table offers merely a starting point for the electrical engineer to assess the maximum period between inspections and testing. The inspection frequency specified on your EICR may be more or less frequent than tabulated below.

# Type of Installation Routine Check Suggested period between Inspection and Test (maximum of) Notes
1 Domestic accommodation - general - Change of occupancy or 5 years 1
2 Rented domestic accommodation (houses, flats) 1 year Change of occupancy or 5 years 2
3 Residential accommodation (HMO) 1 year Change of occupancy or 5 years 2
4 Commercial (unless Special Location) 1 year Change of occupancy or 5 years 3
5 Industrial (unless Special Location) 1 year 3 years 3
  1. We believe that for the vast majority of domestic installations, the maximum period between inspection and testing of 10 years (as specified in GN3, IET 18 ed.) is inadequate. This IET recommendation has remained unchanged for years, (at least going back to the 15th ed. of BS7671). It is now not uncommon for homes to undergo much more frequent alterations by various trades which can render the existing installation not fit for purpose. Furthermore, they types of devices now commonplace within the fixed wiring did not exist 10 years ago. I am of course referring to LED lighting, ELV transformers within the building fabric, USB or network sockets, Smart devices to name but a few. The guarantees provided by the manufacturer on such devices rarely go beyond three years!
  2. Of particular focus when undertaking inspections in rental properties is the intake equipment. This comprises the distributors cut-out and the electricity meter, ensuring that they are in a safe condition for continued operation and have not been tampered with. Ref: Electrical Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations.
  3. Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.
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