COVID-19 Update - Day and overnight mooring opposite the Wayford Bridge Inn will remain closed until further notice. See broadsmarina.com/moorings/overnight-moorings.html for updates.

14:20, 13 May 2020

Attention StayGB Berthing customers - COVID-19 Guidance released. See staygb.com/status.html .

14:17, 13 May 2020

Our congratulations and best wishes to @BorisJohnson and @carriesymonds on the birth of their son. #Borisbaby #stayGB

11:33, 29 Apr 2020

Watch out for fraud! Today we received an email requesting us to participate in a survey of tourism businesses re covid19. This email was not sent from UK government! #FraudAwareness

13:03, 28 Apr 2020

TRENDING STILL #EdBallsDay Get your latest more useful trends here stayGB.net/32mols9 #stayGB #TuesdayMotivation

12:57, 28 Apr 2020

We applaud @RishiSunak for his unprecedented measures to support business. Now the gov needs to incentivise spending. E.g better to encourage businesses to purchase / rent electric vehicles than to directly prop up the car industry. #ClimateChange #economy #staygb

13:43, 27 Apr 2020

Keep sharing those superb photos of our great country. The lockdown will end soon and together we will be better than ever. We are displaying our social wall in our office stayGB.com/social-wall to keep us positive. #staysafe . #stayGB #LoveGreatBritain

13:04, 27 Apr 2020

Calling you Great tourism businesses in Herefordshire. Why not get yourself listed on our tourism search engine - it’s free! Just follow us or tweet with #stayGB to get our attention and we will do the rest. #HerefordHour

12:51, 27 Apr 2020

Hold the phone! #lawnmowers IS TRENDING! Keep up with all the other vital trends here stayGB.net/utqjgvx #MondayMood #stayGB

12:45, 27 Apr 2020

Welcome back @BorisJohnson ! #BORISISBACK Just in time to inject some much needed positivity as many of us are getting restless. Now is not the time time to relax and contemplate #LockdownEnd . Speaking as a business director, people are more important than business!

12:07, 27 Apr 2020

RT @VoiceJayBritton The fact that #LockdownEnd is trending shows we have an entire generation who were raised without ever hearing the wor…

11:54, 27 Apr 2020

Take a look at what’s #TrendingNow on our updated free tool staygb.net/32mols9 more updates to follow...

1:06, 23 Apr 2020

COVID-19 status updated 23 March. Check our status page regularly for the latest info - staygb.com/status.html

11:32, 24 Mar 2020


We believe the Great British #countryside is for everyone to enjoy. How about the conversion of a Restricted Byway into a road? Take a look and retweet. youtu.be/On_ceWqqT1c #StayGB #OMGB @HistoricEngland @BritishHorse

9:40, 2 Mar 2020

- @BorisJohnson made the right and only decision on @Huawei 5G rollout in the UK. Whether he can address the disparity in coverage across the UK will be the real test. #stayGB

0:46, 29 Jan 2020


#StaySafe #online - See our general advice staygb.com/about/protecting-you Say no to bank transfer for #holiday bookings. #stayGB

16:08, 25 Jan 2020


Nuisance calls - We all get them, businesses included. Whether you're an individual or a business the advice is the same - TELL THEM NOTHING! We will never cold call you! #StayGB t.co/RtYnSLOFLW

20:09, 22 Jan 2020

What is all the fuss about? Big Ben has chimed or has been silenced to mark events for years. Whether one chooses to celebrate a particular event is up to them! #bigbenbrexitbong #brexit

17:29, 17 Jan 2020

Any UK specific travel bloggers out there? Like to be showcased on our media wall? staygb.com/social-wall #blogging #travel #LoveGreatBritain @VisitEngland #OMGB #stayGB

16:44, 17 Jan 2020


Walking off those extra calories through Horning, @newinnhorning looks inviting t.co/N5KwMiOlZy

20:03, 26 Dec 2019