STAYGB LTD is an online business and as such conducts most of its communication electronically keeping prices low. Please ensure that you direct your enquiry to the correct destination. Enquiries not conforming to the rules on this page will not be answered.

Marina - Wayford Bridge Yacht Station

Reason for contacting us Contact Method
Private moorings at the Wayford Bridge Yacht Station, Norfolk Broads UK.
This is a private marina, viewing by prior appointment only.
+44 (0)1603 340 182 Map


24 hour Moorings

Reason for contacting us Contact Method
Day and lunchtime moorings at our riverbank site opposite the Wayford Bridge Inn
+44 (0)1603 340 182 Map


Holiday Cottages

Reason for contacting us Contact Method
The Boathouse
+44 (0)1603 340 182 View Map
Boathouse Cottage
+44 (0)1603 340 182 View Map


Current Subscription Customers

When calling please ensure that you have your GB number ready. When emailing please insert your GB number as the first item in the Subject field.

Reason for contacting us BRONZE
To update your listing or supply images or video Files can be uploaded via the dashboard and if a GOLD customer by Fax.
Please do not send upload requests by email as they will not be actioned and will be automatically deleted by our systems.
Technical or Product Support No direct support provided in package.
Use help guides. +44 (0)1603 340 182
Account enquiries, billing, package upgrades, subscription renewal +44 (0)1603 340 182 +44 (0)1603 340 182


Customers and the General Public

If you are a current contract holder we will expedite your enquiry if you identify yourself using your GB number as specified above.

Reason for contacting us Contact Method
General Enquiries
Please note that we do not offer business advice or respond to general enquiries regarding the purchase of our BRONZE or SILVER packages. You will find sufficient information regarding these subscriptions available online.
+44 (0)1603 340 182
To apply for a GOLD package subscription
We will only respond to emails where the senders domain matches the enquiring business.
To apply for advertising space on our websites or other publications
For enquiries regarding data protection, copyright and other intellectual property rights, the use of our brand or logos or any other issue relating to our terms and conditions.
Website Admin
All our websites and technology services have been developed and are maintained by Go Platinum Ltd.


Contact us by Post

Wayford Bridge Yacht Station,
Wayford, Norwich,
Norfolk, NR12 9LL, UK.

Text Messaging / SMS

Our systems send periodic reminders and notifications from the phone numbers listed on this page. Please note however that our systems are not capable of receiving inbound texts to these numbers.

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