Our Mission

To promote the many small businesses who make Great Britain a great place to visit.

Our Values

Best of British

StayGB was created to promote the best of British Small Businesses. Brexit poses a great opportunity to promote our individuality to the world.


At stayGB we are determined to destroy the many barriers to trade which affect British small businesses. We understand that one of the greatest hurdles is advertising. With large multinational corporations like Google controlling the advertising space the cost involved in getting your product or service noticed has never been so high. Many small businesses are paying huge sums for online advertising are receiving a poor return on their investment. This is due to the complexities of configuring products such as Google Adwords and they just do not have sufficient budgets to compete with large enterprises who, apparently, are prepared to pay silly money for a single click on an advert. Unfortunately there is no independent authority / watchdog checking these CPC biding systems.

However, as we all know, having a great web page is no guarantee of success. We must have a search engine focused on displaying search results with scores based on the information contained on the destination pages, not the sum large businesses are prepared to pay the company operating the search engine!


You can have the information you uploaded removed from our site at any time. You are free to use your uploaded data, photos or video to advertise with other providers because you retain complete ownership rights.

Recently we have been reminded of the huge quantity of personal data that large enterprises such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and other large websites collect about us - which could be highly dangerous if it finds its way into the wrong hands. At stayGB we take a simple approach to the data we collect. If we do not need the data to provide the service to you then we will not collect it. It is for this reason that we do not use Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on our websites.

We do use tracking data to assist with troubleshooting and product improvement, but we use our own systems so your data is not shared with third parties.


We know what you are thinking... We get FREE advertising, you are not harvesting our data - What's the catch? How can you afford to do this?

We have spent a great deal of time working on our processes and developing our own IT systems from scratch to enable us to operate extremely efficiently. One of the most significant costs to any such system is the processing of data. To solve this we resort to the most British of behaviors - queueing. A good analogy to represent the processing of data obtained via traditional websites is an athletics meeting. You spent your time completing your web form and hit the Submit button. The gun for the 100 metre relay goes off. Some runners (tasks) will clearly finish faster than others. Wait, disaster - a batton has been dropped; runners have fallen; race stopped. At this point the submission has failed and the data unfortunately needs to be re-entered. But, due to the race being stopped the other races scheduled cannot start on time. The only way around this is to now find some additional track time (servers) which cost money.

Our systems cannot be affected by such issues. We never process data immediately, we just add it to a queue to be processed later. Many processing tasks are performed on the data by workers (Minions if you will) as it is passed from queue to queue. This method allows us to keep costs down as more resources / servers are not required at busy times. This leads to the discussion of what we charge for.

So where do you make money?

Time is money! As data is queued we cannot tell exactly how long it will take to process your submissions before your listing is updated and available online - could be two hours or two weeks. This will of course depend of the amount and type of requests in the queues at that particular time. We understand that larger businesses which typically have more data to be updated or require frequent edits may prefer a faster, time guaranteed service. As these guarantees would require increasing IT resources or personnel we need to charge for this. We call this product Support Subscriptions. Remember that subscribing is not essential, and for many small businesses is unnecessary. We also charge for access to our APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). If you have 150 items that you wish to add to our platform then entering these manually through our dashboard would be ridiculous. We have therefore prepared methods for automatically inputing data. Once again most small businesses will not need these services.